Montessori start

As parents and guides in preschool we all wish the best for your children. The age birth to six is a unique time in a child’s life – the foundation of all future learning! It is the key age to personality development and to grow the child to his fullest potential. This inspiring course is a guide to get to know the needs and potential of young children as well as an introduction of basic principles of Montessori approach. We will focus on a child’s potential to learn languages and how we as adults can support it. Dive into the Montessori approach with us!


Dita Dlouhá is a psychologist and Montessori trainer. She has 20 years of experience with Montessori, a prestigious education with AMI (Association Montessori International founded by Maria Montessori) for ages 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 years and two years of training in Montessori therapy with a German special educator Lore Anderlik from Munich’s Sonnenschein Center. 

She has guided children in Montessori 0-3 programs, toddler classrooms, kindergartens and elementary schools. For several years she led the national organization for Montessori education in the Czech Republic and was dedicated to the education and professional development of Montessori teachers. She has organized seminars with foreign lecturers on various Montessori topic and trips to Montessori schools throughout Europe. She knows how to implement a Montessori program step by step at home, in kindergarten and at school.

A few years ago she decided to start her own project, Be Montessori, where she can create customized educational programs for parents, teachers, preschools and schools. She conducts seminars and on-site courses in Montessori kindergartens and schools in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. She also enjoys being in practice with children and travels to several Montessori preschools for tandem teaching. She conducts Montessori therapy for children with special needs at the Mannaz Complex Centre in Kralupy nad Vltavou and psychological counselling for children and families. In her therapeutic practice she meets children with special needs and their challenges. 

She is the co-author of Hurá čtu – project for young readers and the publisher of publications and language materials for first reading and writing for preschool and younger school-age children. 

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